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San Antonio Driving Safety Tips From Your San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer: Know What To Do Even When On Vacation

As you drive around San Antonio on I35, loop 410, loop 1604 and Hwy 281, it is wise to practice some driving safety tips to make sure you avoid being involved in a car accident. There are too many fatal car crashes on the roads these days that it pays to keep these in mind.

Before you go on vacation, you should have your car inspected. Check both your primary and secondary systems. Check your oils and fluids. By doing this you reduce the chances of unforeseen mechanical problems.

It is a good idea to carry an emergency kit in the car especially when traveling long distances.

Your emergency kit should include the following:

  • Disposable camera
  • Notepad and pencil (pen)
  • A first aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels (or rags)
  • Blanket(s)
  • Illumination devices or warning cones
  • Jumper cables
  • Snacks and water

These items will help you be prepared in case something unforeseen occurs – such as a practice driving safety tips to avoid car accidents with an 18 wheelercar accident.

State of mind

Your state of mind matters when preparing for a vacation. Many people are in a rush to get to their vacation destination quickly. This pressure can cause you to take unnecessary risks or to disregard speed limits, which places you, your family and other drivers in harm’s way.

Change your focus—concentrate on getting to your vacation spot safely.

Don’t drink and drive

There will be plenty of time for you to unwind, celebrate, and be merry once you arrive at your destination safely. The truth is that drinking and driving don’t mix! Put your family’s safety first.

Get adequate sleep

You need rest to be alert on the road. Driving why drowsy is like driving drunk. It causes accidents. When your body is tired, it will go to sleep. Your eyes close and you may not even realize it. It only takes a matter of second for an accident to happen.

Eliminate distractions while driving

When you’re driving, eliminate unnecessary distractions.

  • Don’t text and drive
  • Don’t use the cell phone while driving
  • Try not to eat and drive
  • Don’t fiddle with buttons or knobs in the car—these can also cause distractions if you take your eyes off the road

Even with the best precautions car accidents can still happen. Though you are in control of what you do on the road, you are at the mercy of other drivers.

  • If you do get into a car accident do the following:
  • Check on the other passengers if you are able to
  • Call for medical assistance
  • Check the vehicle
  • Take pictures from all angles

Get the other drivers contact information including license, and registration. Get all witnesses names, numbers and addresses as well. Contact your insurance company and call the police to report the accident.

To ensure that your interests are protected contact a San Antonio car accident lawyer. He will be able to advise you on your next course of action.

Yes, You Need a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve gotten into a car accident and you’re wondering if you need to hire an attorney. You think of how much it will cost and decide not to do it.

Many people make this decision, not realizing that they are putting their welfare at risk.

Not all the affects of an accident are visible at the time of an accident. Sure, your car may be totaled. It can be replaced if you have the proper automobile insurance. But what about the unseen, unanticipated effects? Those things that pop-up later on such as pinched nerves or unexplainable headaches?

Many medical injuries can become known later and you will be totally unprotected and left to shoulder the financial burden—alone.

Medical expenses are costly today—and it can be even more so when you are a victim of a car accident. But this is true with many other types of personal injury.

You could trip on a raised pavement. You get up thinking you’re fine. A few months later, you begin to experience pain in your back or your neck. How can you prove that your current injuries were the byproduct of the homeowner or the business who did not address the uneven pavement?car wreck

The best judge of whether or not you need an attorney is an attorney. By consulting with a personal injury specialist, you will know whether you have a claim. These experts will notify you of your best course of action.

The truth is that hiring a personal injury lawyer will cost you nothing—up front in most cases. Their fees are on a contingency basis—if you are awarded damages or there is a settlement. Only then will the attorney receive payment.

Too many personal injury victims neglect getting the help and representation they need because they fear high attorney fees. On average, the attorney gets 30-40% of the settlement amount. You never have to pay out of pocket. If you don’t receive an award—they don’t get paid.

The upside to this is that if an attorney takes your case it is after assessing whether you have a legitimate claim. This ensures that you are not wasting your time and efforts in pursuing this cause.

If you have been injured — in a car accident, attacked by an animal or person, fell because of homeowners neglect, you should consult a San Antonio personal injury lawyer—he will help you secure compensation to address current and future medical issues and costs.


San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer: Don’t be a Victim Twice

Determining who is at fault in an auto accident is not always as clear-cut as one might think. People’s memory can get foggy and proper evidence and documentation could be lacking. Sometimes people believe that they will remember details only to be surprised a few months later that they don’t remember everything as clearly as they ought.

This why it is important to be detailed in your documentation of your accident—whether you feel you are at fault or not. Take notes and pictures. Gather information from all parties present. Make it official—call the police. Notify your insurance carrier. Not only will you protect your own interest but you will also protecting the other party acontact a San Antonio auto accident lawyer if in a traffic accidents well.

Don’t be in a rush—at the time of a car accident. You may be tempted to rush things, because it is a stressful time. By taking your time you will be able to get all the information that you need in order to see redress. When you rush, you are guaranteed to miss important information or evidence that is germane to your case.

If you’ve watched any legal show, winning is in the details. So be detail orientated. Get first and last names, license, registration, and insurance information from the other parties involved. Write a brief summary of the accident in a note pad. Ask others who were passengers in your car to do the same.

Pay special attention to the activities of others involved in the accident. Make note of whether anyone involved was using hand held devices, ran the red light or stop sign, or made an illegal turn. Write down as much as you can recall at the earliest opportunity since your memory of the accident is fresh. Continue to document additional information as you remember it.

Because accidents are unnerving you may be tempted to get it over with quickly. You may want to make a deal, take responsibility, or sign documents. Do not!

Do not admit to anything. Don’t sign any documents. Don’t accept or offer any cash to address the issue. Don’t leave the scene. Be sure to call the police—even if the other party does not want you to do so.

Safeguard your interests. Handling things correctly takes time. Once you have gotten all the pertinent information you are ready to get legal counsel.

Call a San Antonio auto accident lawyer. He or she will help you to navigate through the process from filing to settlement. It is your San Antonio auto accident lawyer’s job to make sure you’re not a victim twice.

San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer

Did you know that there are lawyers who specialize just as there are doctors who do? For example, there are lawyers who specialize in what are called medical malpractice cases. There are others who specialize in product liability claims, workers compensation claims or industrial diseases. There are even lawyers who will tell you that they are “generalists” and can handle any sort of personal injury case. However, if you are involved in an auto accident and decide you need an attorney, you might want to make sure to hire a specialist – a San Antonio car wreck lawyer.

Why a specialist?

You need a San Antonio car wreck lawyer for the same reason you need an orthopedic surgeon for a hip replacement. No one doctor knows everything about the human body and as a rule; no one lawyer knows all of the law related to every different kind of injury.

Auto accidents can be particularly complex. For example, suppose you made a left turn on a yellow signal and were struck by an oncoming car. Who would be at fault? It could be the other driver or it could be a case of “contributory negligence” – a fancy way of saying that you both were at fault to some degree.San Antonio car wreck lawyer gets you justice

Since the State of Texas recognizes a legal concept called degree of fault, it’s important to have a car crash lawyer who can help prove that the other driver was either completely or at least mostly at fault. This is because if you were both at fault to some degree, your settlement will be prorated. As an example of this, it was determined that you were 30% at fault, then you would receive only 70% of the total settlement.

Be aware that it will take time

If you are in a car wreck and settle the case yourself with the insurance company, you will probably get a quick payout. But you can also expect to get less money. The insurance company’s sole objective is to pay you as little as possible. A San Antonio car wreck attorney can do a better job of negotiating with the insurance company than you because he or she will have years of experience dealing with these companies.

Be prepared that this will take more time. And if it turns out that your attorney and the insurance company cannot reach a fair settlement and your case has to go to trial, it will take even longer.

The good news

In the overwhelming majority of cases, your San Antonio lawyer will be able to successfully negotiate a good settlement for you – so you can expect to see a check in a matter of weeks and not months or years.

What is your San Antonio car wreck case worth?

Another area where a car crash lawyer can be valuable is in assessing the value of your case or claim. You can expect to be compensated for any out-of-pocket expenses–such as having your car repaired or replaced–and your medical expenses. You can also be compensated for lost earnings. You can even be compensated for your pain, suffering and mental distress. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to put a price tag on pain. But a lawyer will have years of experience in assessing those intangibles to help you get the total compensation you deserve.

If you would go to an orthopedic surgeon to have a knee replaced, you should go to an auto accident specialist – a San Antonio car wreck lawyer, when you are involved in a truck or car wreck.

San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer

An auto accident can be a terrible thing. It can total your car – leaving you without transportation – and do dreadful things to your body. Ask anyone who has been involved in a serious auto accident and he or she will probably tell you it was just about the worst thing that ever happened to them.

If you are involved in a serious auto accident, there are some very good reasons to hire a San Antonio auto accident lawyer.

Why an auto accident can be so horrific

Whether your car was struck from behind, head-on or T-boned, you can experience stresses, G forces and collisions with hard or sharp objects that your body was just not designed to withstand. It’s kind of like a rabbit being tossed around in a clothes dryer.

If you’re lucky, you might escape with some bruises and contusions. If you’re not so lucky, you could experience broken bones, a concussion, a skull fracture, broken neck or even a broken back.

Why you need a San Antonio auto accident lawyerSan Antonio auto accident lawyer can help with you're in a car accident

If you were injured and suffered only minor injuries, you may not need an attorney. However, if you suffered major injuries or if it was a complicated accident, you will need an auto accident lawyer to help you get all the compensation that is due you.

A car accident attorney will know how to build your case, how to negotiate with an insurance company to help you get the maximum amount of compensation and, if necessary, how to try the case in a court of law.

Different types of lawyers for different types of cases

Just as there are doctors who specialize in areas such as orthopedics or dermatology, there are attorneys who specialize in different areas of law. When you are the victim of an auto accident, you should make sure you get a San Antonio auto accident lawyer and not one who specializes in something like medical malpractice.

Insurance companies want to settle claims quickly and cheaply

If you are injured and the other party had insurance, you will be dealing not with the individual but with his or her insurance company. It is important to understand that insurance companies’ #1 objective is to settle your claim as quickly and as economically as possible. While this might be good for the company, it’s usually not good for you. Since you are probably not skilled at negotiating with an insurance company, it’s best to hire a San Antonio auto accident lawyer to represent you.

It doesn’t cost but it pays

Most auto accident lawyers work on what’s called a contingent fee basis or contingency and don’t charge a fee for an initial consultation. This means they take a percentage of whatever settlement they can win for you but you personally don’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket. So they start working on your case and do not make a dime until you win your case.

How much does a auto accident lawyer charge?

If your case is very complex or if you have suffered serious injuries, you will end up paying a higher percentage of your settlement. Lawyers’ contingency fees usually run 1/3rd of your settlement if your case can be settled without a trial and 40% if it goes to a trial. Some lawyers may charge a certain percentage fee even if the case does not go to court.

When you hire a San Antonio auto accident lawyer, make sure you understand how he or she charges or you may be seriously disappointed when you receive a settlement check that’s dramatically less than you had expected.

San Antonio Injury Lawyer

Being injured can be one of the worst things that can happen to you. And a personal injury can take many forms. You can be injured at work, by a product, by a doctor or dentist or while shopping. You can suffer a personal injury as the result of an assault, because you slipped on a patch of ice or due to your working conditions. Of course, the most prevalent personal injury is one that happens as the result of a car accident.

A San Antonio Injury Lawyer Can Help

There are many ways that you can be injured. In some cases the fault will be your and you won’t be entitled to any monetary damages. However, in many of these cases another party caused the injury and you may be entitled to compensation. These cases can be complicated, complex and confusing, which is why you need a San Antonio injury lawyer to help you understand whether or not you have a case against some other individual or party and if so, how much you can expect to receive in compensation.

The importance of consulting a San Antonio Injury Lawyer

Auto accidents are not only the most common type of personal injury; they can be the most complicated. Texas law makes these accidents even more complex as it recognizes something called “degree of fault.” So, even though you think the other driver was totally responsible for your accident, it’s possible that you could be found to be 15% or 20% responsible. And this will definitely affect the amount of monetary damages you can expect to receive. And you may not receive any money at all unless you have a San Antonio injury lawyer.

A wrecked car in Durham, North Carolina.

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If you were involved in a road traffic accident, did the other driver actually run a red light? Had he or she been drinking? Was he or she served too many drinks? Did the other car’s brakes fail? Did the other driver have a vision problem? Was he or she speeding or driving on the wrong side of the median?

A San Antonio injury lawyer can help you find answers to these questions and prove the other driver was negligent. Your injury lawyer will be able to hire expert witnesses if necessary to help prove that the other driver was 100% at fault. This can include experts in auto accident re-creations who use high-speed cameras, video cams and computers to re-create the accident and show that the fault was not yours. Your auto accident lawyer can also hire expert medical witnesses to testify about the extent of your injuries and the treatment you required.

 What to expect

When you first consult with a San Antonio injury lawyer, he or she will be fact gathering. He or she will discuss the injury with you from your point of view–what you believe happened, why you feel the other party was responsible and what sort of medical treatment you have received. He or she will answer whatever questions you might have regarding the other person’s (or company’s) negligence, how the case will precede and what you might expect to get in compensation.

Settlement discussions

The attorney may hire someone to do a preliminary investigation and to gather evidence that can be used when he or she discusses the case with the other person’s or company’s insurer. In most cases, the other insurer will attempt to negotiate a settlement with you and your lawyer because this costs the company much less then if they have to try the case in court.

Your lawyer will talk to you about this settlement discussion and will advise you as to whether or not you should settle, depending on what the other insurance company has offered. There may actually be several settlement discussions, depending on the severity of your injuries and the complexity of the accident. At some point, you may agree to a settlement or conversely, you and your lawyer may determine that you just cannot reach a satisfactory settlement.

If this is the case, the next step for your attorney will be to file suit against the other person or company whom an insurance company will actually defend. Sometimes the mere act of filing suit will force the insurance company’s attorney to come to you with a better settlement offer.

Trying your case

If your attorney and the defendant’s attorney are still unable to reach a satisfactory settlement, you will have to go to trial. There will be a judge and jury, your attorney, the insurance company’s attorney and quite possibly a number of expert witnesses. Your attorney may hire these types of experts to testify on your behalf as well as medical experts to testify about the severity of your injuries.

The opposing attorney will also have his or her expert witnesses to counter the testimony of your witnesses. As you can imagine, hiring all these experts can get very expensive. However, your attorney will probably have taken your case on what’s called a contingency fee basis. This means that he or her takes a percentage of the settlement. This is usually done on a sliding scale. The more work the attorney had to do, the higher the percentage. The highest is if he or she has to try the case in court.

Your compensation

How much money you can expect to receive in compensation for your personal injury will depend on a number of factors. This typically includes your out-of-pocket and medical expenses. The out-of-pocket expenses can include such things as crutches, a wheelchair and physical therapy. Medical expenses include the cost of emergency room care, hospital costs, in-patient treatment, office visits, chiropractic care and any other medical care required as a result of your injury. You can also be compensated for lost wages and what is called “conscious pain and suffering.”

Naturally, the more serious your accident was and the more medical attention you required, the bigger your settlement will be. In other words, if you were rear ended and suffered what is called a “whiplash” injury, you can expect to receive a smaller amount of money then if you are suffering from a disease caused by your working conditions such as mesothelioma.

As you can see, personal injuries can be very. It is really impossible for you to successfully take on an insurance company all by yourself and expect to get the settlement you really deserve. You need to find a San Antonio injury lawyer who has experience in handling personal injury cases and who has had experience dealing with insurance companies – to make sure you get a settlement that is fair and just.